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We pride ourselves on producing bespoke, special Funeral Flowers. We include a few images here on our website but we much prefer to have a consultation with our customers about exactly what they would like to present for their family or friend. A consultation can be in person, or by telephone or over email. We always ask if there is a favourite flower, or colour combination, or something quirky or sentimental that should be included in the flowers that we prepare for you. We can source and produce special shaped arrangements and we can also make suggestions to you to help you come to the decision as to what is required. We consider it a great privilege to prepare Funeral Flowers and we take our responsibility to them, and what they mean to you, very seriously.  For costing purposes, we work on a rule of thumb of £50 per foot of flowers for the Single and Double Ended Tributes. These can be supplied to any length between 1 foot and 5 foot. For casket tributes the most regularly ordered size is a 3 foot Double Ended Tribute (£150).

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